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What is your vision of the future of education? What stories do you have to share? What great examples and practices already exist? In this podcast, we share what we have learned, connect with others, and interview thought leaders who provoke us to think differently in education and human development. Your participation is invited! Email your stories to host John Moravec at hello@educationfutures.com.

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Episode 3: Pokémon Go and Minecraft in schools?


Can we bring free play, through electronic games, into the classroom?

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Episode 2: Enabling creative schools


Kelly and John Moravec share highlights from their recent Facebook/Twitter book club discussion of Sir Ken Robinson’s Creative Schools: The Grassroots Revolution That's Transforming Education.

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Episode 1: Unintended consequences in Utah and Florida


John and Kelly discuss Utah's decision to open teaching to unlicensed practitioners and a controversial Florida law that punishes elementary school students that do not take standardized tests by holding them back a year.

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Introducing the Education Futures Podcast

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